Choose one of the following browsers

These four browsers are the most popular today


~37% (and growing) people around the world use it everyday

UpgradeMozilla Firefox

Used by ~21% of people around the world every day


~8% people around the world use it everyday

Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer

Used by ~30% of people around the world everyday


Browsers are amazing. You can read internet web pages with the help of a browser. You are reading this page with a browser. If you do not like any of the choices above you can search for other browsers.


Different by design

Proudly non-profit - Innovating for you - Fast, flexible, secure © Mozilla

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What is Safari?

It loads web pages faster than ever. It’s the best way to read on the web. It works with iCloud across your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It’s a web browser that’s so innovative, you’ll do much more than just browse. © Apple

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Internet Explorer

Fast. Fluid. Perfect for touch.

Fast, full-screen browsing - Flip ahead through content - Pin your favorite sites - More privacy © Microsoft

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The purpose of this project is simply to make the internet world a little bit better. We want to give the ability to developers to include the link to this project if some feature is not supported by the users' browser. Then user can be directed here and can easily download the browser he/she needs. You can use the the link for this website in any of your projects, free of charge.

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